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Coat of Arms Explained

The Order of Constitution Defenders, Brotherhood, Oath
"The Iron Horse Riders of the Republic of 1776"


  Our Emblem -

Oath of Affirmation




   I __________________________a member of,  The Order of, Constitution Defenders, Brotherhood, The Iron Horse Riders of the Republic indicative of the Minute Men of 1776 which is our Cavalry, a branch of "The Order Of Constitution Defenders", contrived from an Assembly of, "We the People",

    do solemnly swear my allegeance to serve and protect my Order, which is regonized to be, all for one and one for all, represented by our colors, seal, standard and intellectual property and understood to be for for the protection of our Families, "We the People", man woman and child, domestic or abroad and derived from the original Founding Documents of the united States of America, a Republic of 1776, consisting of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence. I futher understand that the Constitution is the Organic Supreme Law endowed by our Creator, which supercedes, color of law, Statutes, Codes, Rules and Regulations of contractual Corporations and a Government in conflict by Oath with the Founding documents, "Long Live the Repubic"


My Autograph: __________________________________________










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