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Dog Whelping Trainer, Equestrian & Defender Spokes Model    

Dog Whelping training and sales


KELLI, discusses the business and the more personal side of her and as well talks about  on what is happing in the American Society and our relationship with government and shares her knowledge and skills as a Whelping expert and Equestrian.                               

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 Interview: By Spike!, Editor, photographer, writer, webmaster for constitutiondefender.com,

Kelli's! Audio Intro. 

Hey Kelli: 

  1. Who is Kelli and were are you from, a little more about your life history?   I was born in Houston, Tx were I attended a Lutheran school until the 7th grade.  We then moved to Tomball where I graduated from High school in 1994.  In that time I showed Quarter horses in AQHA and 4-H.  I was on numerous winning horse judging team and even coached a few.  I worked as a dental assistant from 1995-2004.  I currently own and operate Great Expectations- whelping center & puppy development better known as www.gepups.com .

  1. What about the modeling scene and what do you enjoy about that? I absolutely love talking and meeting new people.  The crazy make-up and clothing is a fun change f pace for me.

  1. Kelli, What are your perceptions of the political scene at this time and where do you think the USA is going are gone? Are we a Republic for which it stands? We are a Republic for which it stands in Texas but the country as a whole is in trouble.  As we are no longer one Nation under God!  Texas seems to be the best place to live.  We have more rights and are more constitutionally correct than other states.  The country is not as influenced by we the people as it is controlled by the government.  The constitution is so plane in the RULES and they are violated everyday.  I see the natural decay of the government and which has to be kept in check.  The people give up rights and the government gains power.  I think if we keep standing up for what we know to be true and correct then we will keep things in balance however if we sit back and watch we will lose it all!

  1. Let us talk about besides being a part time model and full time mother and wife,  your favorite passion? Retriever Dog Breeding.  My world revolves around the retrievers- whelping, raising, training, competing and problem solving.  It is what I am most passionate about.

  1. How do you perceive where that profession is going? What about it becoming increasingly laced with central control, politics and some of the problems you are having with PETA in the dog breeding community? Do you think the rabbit hole might be a little deeper than what is on the service in this matter as far as who PETA answers to?  I believe in education. You can never give to much information.  I think back yard breeders and puppy mills are doing incredible harm to the individual breeds and the uneducated public is unknowingly supporting them. They now sell mutts for high dollar tagged as designer breeds!  There are no breeding standards or goals.  Two dogs are randomly put together to add to the overpopulation of dogs.  As much as I hate this occurrence I still believe the government has no right mandating spay and neutering.  As well as any other way they continually violate the constitution.  Seizure of property, aka pets, because someone thinks they may be unhappy or they do not get enough attention is a violation of rights.  I love dogs more than the average person but I am still not supportive of giving up my rights one at a time.    With all this being said I do think there are solutions to the problems.  AKC support in breeding requirements, as well as all other kennel clubs or registries.  Educating the public on the importance of health clearances, titles and quality breeding as well as where to buy a quality dog will help keep them away from puppy mills.  Most people have no idea what to look for or where to go for advise and they will follow anyone who takes the lead.  The blind leading the blind never works.

  1. Got anything you would like to say to the world out there while you have this opportunity ?  Take care of yourself, mind your own business and fight for your rights and while doing this love your neighbor.



email: kelli01@constitutiondefender.com

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