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What will our future
 be in America ?

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Support the cause of freedom!
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Is the Constitution and your Rights being respected?

Have you encountered corrupt public servants and judicial courts?

Are behind the scene powers promoting the political/ financial/ judicial and moral destruction of America ?

Are you aware of the 800 concentration camps across America? Do you know about the Fusion centers?

Are we becoming or are we now a police state?

If you are outraged by what is happening in America to destroy our Rights and freedom...

Get Engaged


 What you Get from Us

1. We are about Application. We actually study use the Bill of Rights and the Founding Documents in Law, Not pay lip service to it.

2. Work together in support to protect your interest as a Sovereign, flesh and blood Man or Woman not a State or Federal Citizen.

3. No BS. Provide you with One understanding, One docrine, One flag, not to follow every wind of docrine that is mostly much to do about nothing. You have Foundation and Purpose. You have the Fact and Truth.

4. We are All for One and One for All. What hurts one of us hurts all of us. There are times that logistical support is needed

5. Will provide you with documents of lawful arguments to operate Pro Se or Sui Juris or the flesh and blood Man, instead of just only Plea Bargin option.

6. You are not alone. You are many!

7. For your communication we supply you with a Forum, News, Bulletins, Constitutional Arguments of Defense in the Defender Website.



a part of a Higher Understanding

Saving America one Patriot at a time


Conformity is the jailer of Freedom and the enemy of growth


Note::: If you acquire or display the Defender Patch (aka: Emblem, Coat of Arms, Colors, etc) and/or Membership Card, then it is understood you do agree with the Oath as stated and are a member of "The Order of Constitution Defenders". Wear them proudly for what they represent in you!

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