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Phil Stevens Constitutional Historian running for the office of State Represenative,  Wharton County and our featured Speaker as well as myself, Spike spoke on stage for the defender event.

Our Cook, Andrea Lewis and Logistic Man and Husband, of our County Chairwoman, Lori and Professional Hot Rod Designer, Classic Car Restoration, Charles Ivey

Another Defender Spreading the Message of True Rights, Thunder Creek Trail of Tears


Be sure to check out our forum for a lot of donated information on many subjects pertain to life. It is brand new but growing rapidly.

Mike and Spike, a Defender get together

FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders

 Thomas Maddux Defender State Chairman for the Republic of Texas-2011,  See the Texas contact  page
4th Generation Texan, family moved to Texas in the late 1800's, Texas population at the time was 95% Indian and Mexican, 5% White!
I began the fight for Freedom & Liberty in 1995 when I joined the Texas Motorcycle Rights Association. I first became a Delegate to the Republican party in 2000-2001, I am Republican Chairman in precinct 105 Limestone County, I am running to be republican chairman of Limestone county. I am Senate Dist 5(14 counties in The Heart of Texas) Rep for The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association, I am running to be state chairman for The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association! I am soon to throw my name in for State House Seat District 12(The HOT Area). I am the founder of The Limestone County Tea Party! I am a member of the Concerned Citizens for the Constitution and Limestone County Conservatives. I am also a member of The GrassRoots Institute of Texas, 4 million strong! Motorcycle Shop Owner!

Announcing the: Sticker a Week Program

Frustrated, Liberate yourself, Stick a sticker a week wherever you choose. Strike a blow for the true Republic

 price only $2.50 a week or $6.00 a month for 4 stickers 3 3/4"




Code of Arms explained


12/26/11  ******

These stickers are the property of the individuals who posses them therefore the Constitution Defenders cannot control every position they are placed and therefore cannot assume any responsibility for where they are placed.

 Spike! Order of the Constitution Defenders  

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Seminar, Gatlinburg, TN. link1 Tea Party, May 22, 23rd  from the Order's founder, Spike. More links will be posted on the Education Page, coming soon.

Spike at the Radio Studio WGOW FM102.3

Supreme Court rules against limits on corporate campaign contributions

       Buddy's Shoe Repair, span three generations in the community of 5221 Hixson Pike, Hixson, Tn., (Defender Discounts)  423-870-8911

Paula's International Travel, (Defender Discounts)

Volume 4: 2018

Support our man for TEXAS State Representive. Lets all work to bring back Constitutional Government  on Nov. 4, 2014


Our new WINNER, JOHN WALKER JEWETT TX , A orginal Colt AR-15 on the Drawing at the Rally, hosted by Tom Maxdux, State Chairman, Defenders, with assistance by Richard Lambert, County Chairman, at Tom's ranch,  in Gross Beck, Tx. 10-07-12
Thanks for your Donations everyone.

Groesbeck, Limestone County Court House

Defenders on Court Watch in support of  young girl charged with Terroristic Threat over a obvious cap gun with a orange tip on the end of it. These days every minor thing is  labeled terrorism. Folks this is bordering on the point of ridiculous and this can ruin a young 17 year old girl's life over the absurd charges in this matter. We are here to support her.  Left to right, Richard Lambert, Limestone County Chairman, Tom Maddox, State Chairman, Garry Landers, Hill County Chairman, Ed Gardner & The Spike, National Chairman.

Gun Give Away Colt Ar15 SPI

 Yes folks it is another gun give away that we kicked off at the Hot Howl- O-Ween bash in Limestone County, weekend before last.  This is a original Colt A2, SP1, pull stock, in excellent condition and full operational. The maximum number of tickets given away will be 500 to 600 based on your minumin 5 dollar per ticket or 5 for $20.00 donations. It will be done by FFL transfer. Call us or join the forum and leave a message for any questions otherwise watch for us at different events to get your tickets. Pictures and video will be posted on this magazine during the event as before and further details will be posted as it happens.   Spike11-8-2011

Wharton County, TX., Constitution Defender Eventt

Presenting our Wharton County Defender Rally last Saturday Oct. 15th.2011, Beautiful, Tinika Caldwell is singing our National Anthem of our Republic with the pleasing sounds of a song bird to kick off this Defender event in Wharton, TX.  Food and drink was furnished free and this event was primarily to create a further and deeper understanding of what your true Rights, Article 1 and your Constitutional heritage is all about.

 "Long Live the Republic" not the democracy and with your true Rights of the Republic of 1776, it is understood in law that  you are endowed by the Creator not of man. With this knowledge you can prevail to bring back this Country and once again enjoy the title, "Land of the Free" and not the police state in the name of terrorism it has become.

It is not just about intelligence, knowledge, efficiency or professionalism but more about the wisdom gain through the ages and the application of this wisdom consummated in the original form of our Founding Father documents. This wisdom defined and created the superior position of argument in law and protection against the form of terrine that is developing in this Country. You are endowed and Sovereign and Government is created by you to serve you. We the People are the true Kings and Queens in our Republic. Educate yourself.

 Arise, Take back this country, "We the People".  Protect your true Rights, Use them or lose them.    The Spike for Freedom, National Chairman

Message from the National Chairman

The Republic is for everybody. Folks, The Defenders is for everybody who stands for our Republic way of life. The beauty of this is that we can all be different but yet all the same in the protection of our Bill of Rights and working  together for a common cause to build a great Republic society. Our website is for everyone regardless of our differences. The diversity of our cultures and philosophies can be an asset as long as we all have one common understanding and philosophy of our true form of the Republic way of life and live by it. After all it is the Supreme Law of the Land. So our events that we post reflect the diversity of our different cultures working together not apart to the common cause of freedom.

 In the past four years I have posted, many images and articles that reflect different positions in life and this is good and bad. We are finding that we are all so very divided and polarized in America but we must strive for the common ground and guess what you will find that in the Republic. For the Bill of Rights it reflects and protects are the same for everyone which includes you.

Any feedback questions just go and post to the forum. Please use it to communicate. We welcome your efforts. Thanks, The Spike!

Annual Trail of Tears Rally at Thunder Creek Harley Davison, Chattanooga, Tennessee. An event to remember the many Indian Tribes who suffered in the brutel march to the west for relocation

1000's of Biker attended the Trail of Tears Run by Thunder Creek Harley Davison, Chattanooga and so did the Defenders

Stay tuned for the Freedom Festival coming up Sept. 11th,

A rowdy bunch having a good time at the Motorcycle Show sponsered by The Hogs Pen in Rossville Ga. Don't know where the owner Gary is. I think he is sleeping it off somewhere & his lovly wife Natasha is partying down.  Folks the Constitution Defenders are a serious group defending our Rights but sometimes it is time to relax and have a good time with our sisters and brothers. All for one and One for all. Long live the Republic.

Gary's Hogs Pen Motorcycle shop for your motorcycle needs and when he is having a party, also a good time. Check him out

Josie's Grocery, displays the Defender Emblem Local Business in Groesbeck, TX. Lets all do our part to support America, Support the Defender Cause Build our Community

Defender, July 2nd Independence Barbeque

Obama Wants to Jail Americans with New Law

“The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”.

"Spike!", Father, Patriot, Editor, Publisher, Writer, Photographer, Web Master, & Mechanical/ Electrical Designer

- Our Emblem -
Support the cause of freedom!
Get yours today!

Lori Ivey is our Defender County Chairwoman in Wharton County, TX. and has sponsored and hosted this event along with the help of her Husband Charles for the Defenders. Kevin Cordell, Lori's Son was the Sound Man of the event.

Pic., left, Defender Limestone County, TX. Chairman, Richard with Phil Stevens.

Some of the Wharton County visitors attending the gathering.

Trail of Tears Thunder Creek Patriot Bike of the Vets 

"The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions, that I wish it always to be kept alive."
-ThomOMASas Jefferson
(1743 - 1826)
3rd President of the USA


Mother and daughter at the HogsPen Motorcycle Show

Richard Lambert, Limestone County Chariman, See contact page, Texas

New Wharton County, Chairman,
Lori Ivey & Husband Charles Texas

Donny Harwood
on Face-Book
Leader of the Bradley County Tea Party  Says:
Of all the groups I am associated with all over the nation, I have the most respect for its founders, secondly these guys are TRUE Constitutionalist and actually live it every day! You guys need to look no further than these guys to lead us into the future of our country! Support these guys! They are the real deal! I only wish I had the knowledge these guys have! WOW! I am impressed!
Donny Harwood You are welcome! Mike, I really envy you guys and the fortitude and knowledge you have! Wish I HAD JUST A LITTLE! HAHA!

   gun give away movie 

 The AR15 presented to Ronnie Raper by Mike Scallia & Spike, Tue. 03/01/11

3.75 in. Sticker 3.75 in. Sticker

  5in. Sticker

"The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government"
-Thomas Jefferson
(1743 - 1826)
3rd President of the USA

Kelli, Dog Whelping,   Equestrian, Hunter, Model,      www.gepups.com  866-586-9864 (Defender Spokes Person), find out more 

Ride for the Republic Defend your Bill of Rights

Join the Defender, Buy the Patches, 3.5 & 10" the," Freedom Package" the Miss Defender Posters  & Donate if you can. Lets get our Republic Back!

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