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Note: If you acquire or display the Defender Patch (aka: Emblem, Coat of Arms, Colors, etc) and/or Membership Card, then it is understood you do agree with the Oath as stated below and are a member of "The Order of Constitution Defenders". Wear them proudly for what they represent in you!

Defender Oath

Make an Oath!
Keep an Oath!

- Our Emblem -
As a member in The Order of Constitution Defenders, I swear to honor the following Articles:


01. I seek Fact and Truth above everything, not what is emotionally needed by me.

02. I live life with honor, integrity, and set the example for all of mankind.

03. I will perform to the best of my abilities if I am given a responsibility.

04. I will respect the family unit of man to preserve Father, Mother and Child at all cost.

05. I will respect the Rights of all peoples of earth and will extend the American Constitution to all.

06. I will do everything I can to become self sufficient and independent by the store of food, water, and logistical supplies, so I cannot be controlled by my basic needs of life.

07. I will do everything I can with every skill I can, civilian or professional, to be trained and ready to protect the Constitution and the American Way of Life.

08. I recognize that our Rights are observed and understood to be un-alienable by our forefathers.
("unalienable" as defined by Black's Law Dictionary; "not human", endowed by our Creator in the Declaration of Independence. This means Government cannot give them or take them away as they are recognized to be given by GOD. Therefore you are "Sovereign", meaning "King like" per Black's Law Dictionary)

09. I will exercise the higher moral code and protect and serve all of human kind with the sacrifice of my own safety if necessary to protect the tribe of man.

10. I will strive to understand the principles of our Republic by truly reading the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution so I will not be fooled by color of law and only uphold true law.

11. I will keep myself in good standing and truly understand that I am part of a team with a common higher purpose and realize what I do represents all of us as Defenders.

12. I will join with my professional peace officers and civil defense in time of need in the realm to protect and serve when they are truly serving the people under the Constitution.

13. I will give up my Defender position and turn in the patches and symbols that represent the organization at anytime I cannot carry out the understandings agreed to in this Oath.

- I Accept -
Public Servants (ie. police, military, elected officials, etc) must read below!

As a member in The Order of Consitution Defenders, while being a Pulic Servant, I swear to honor the standard Articles above as well as the following Public Servant Articles:

Public Servant Articles:

01. I will not operate as a public official, but as a public servant or peace officer serving the people.

02. I will not turn a right into a privilege.

03. I will not enforce Statutes, Codes, Rules, or Regulations that violate our Bill of Rights as they cannot supersede the Constitution, which is "The Supreme Law of the Land" per Article 6, Paragraph 1, 2, and 3.

04. I will not bind anyone by deception into a corporate relationship to get them to give up there unalienable rights and to fall into jurisdiction based on fraud.

05. I will not infringe on the peoples' right to free speech and to assemble and protest in any public place and will not impose un-constitutional protest zones and permits from the city on what is a right and if it is a right cannot be made into a privilege by permission, per Amendment 1 in the Bill of Rights

06. I will not infringe on We the People's Right to bear arms and participate in the registration and collection of guns or violate Amendments 4 & 5 in the Bill of Rights in order to obtain guns from their homes and devices of travel and will not enforce unconstitutional Statutes, Codes, and Regulations under color of law such as the permission to carry, converting the Right into a privilege under contract law.
(Note: This is re-enforced by our forefather's quotes, federalist papers and other letters, writings, and actions in our country's history. It is absolute in the individual's right to bear arms. See Constitution Defender Website)

07. I will not infringe on the people's right to be secure in their person, places, and things and conduct unlawful searches and seizures of cars and/or their house without proper issued search warrants describing persons, places, effects, and things to be seized, signed by a judge, per Amendment 4 in the Bill of Rights

08. I will not infringe on the people's right to not supply any documents or legal instruments that can be used against them or bind them into a corporate relationship superseding the Constitution or unconstitutionally demanding internal travel papers or identification (Ex: Nazi Germany), per Amendment 5 in the Bill of Rights

09. I will not infringe on the people's right to travel and arrest anyone for doing so as defined under life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and Amendment 5 of the Constitution.
(Note: This is supported by 200 years of court cases, and made obvious by the observation of the framers' intent in our history of that time. After the Constitution and Bill of Rights were drafted, for 130 years there were no Permissions to drive stage coaches, wagons, horses, etc., yet they were very dangerous devices. Course Training can be made mandatory in High Schools, but not controlled by the State or the Fed)

10. I will not fire upon my fellow citizens if marshal law is declared since it cannot override our unalienable (ie."inhuman", per Black's Law Dictionary) Rights, as they are supreme, being given by the Creator.
(Man's law cannot give them or take them away, as defined by the Declaration of Independence)

11. I will not participate in any activity to capture or enslave any city of America to turn it in a giant concentration camp which will be in total violation of my Oath to my Constitution and Bill of Rights

- I Accept -

Something to Ponder:
Should we take advantage of the people's ignorance just because we can? When we cross the Constitutional line, do we not cease to be Peace Officers and become rogue agents in violation of our own oath? Does the end justify the means? What legacy do you want to leave your own children?
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